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If your hCG doesn't need to be kept refrigerated, you do not have real hCG. If your hCG is on a shelf in a store you, do not have real hCG If your hCG has a shelf life of anything over 6 months, you do.Lotto Max - Live your dreams to the max. A Loto-Québec draw game.Espacejeux propose du poker en ligne, une application de poker gratuite pour. Mac et PC et des tournois de poker. Apprenez aussi comment jouer au poker.Live gaming Autobuses para el casino de madrid Play Casino 66 Buffet poker. de maquinas de casino Greektown casino employment Free online Casino 66. casino en ligne loto quebec video poker machine a sous gratuit Gananoque.Whether you buy a bottle of real hCG from us or are not sure if another bottle you bought has hCG in it, TEST IT!  Testing your bottle of hCG is simple.   We always provide a test strip but an independent test is always.HOW?Lotto Poker - No need to bluff! A Loto-Québec Quick Play and draw game.Purchase an inexpensive hCG or Pregnancy test strip from your local Wal-Mart, Amazon, or another discount place. Read the directions on the hCG test strip prior to using.  However you will not have to hold the strip in your urine stream.  Wait the required amount of time for the strip to render its results. 5.  That's it! What Your hCG Results Mean: 1.  A POSITIVE hcg test result indicates you are pregnant. Positive Yes hCG present. Gently shake your hCG bottle. 2. DO NOT touch the reagent or end you will be dipping into the hCG with your fingers.  This will cause a false negative. 3.  Dip your test strip into the bottle for 15-20 seconds (just enough time to saturate.On most test strips you will get 2 lines (check your instructions) 2.  A NEGATIVE hcg test results indicates you are not. Negative No hCG not present. On most test strips you will get 1 line (check your instructions) hCG Diet Tips.